10 Scenes #8: Felicity Hickson


A black and white picture slowly fades into colour, shifting patterns of light reveal a long walkway along a deserted beachfront, two buildings stand ahead, it is an unremarkable sight, not warm, not cold.

‘This isn’t exactly how I described it. Not at all. Why are these railings here? I didn’t say there were railings.‘

The girl, Holiday, walks down the windswept sandy walkway, confused, surveying the landscape and the details. The colours are correct. The sky is the perfect blue.

She asks again about the railings.

‘Why are they here? There were steps down, not like this’

She spins around waiting for an answer. She is alone. She is considering the landscape. It’s pretty much correct. She is still thinking about the railings. The small white building is correct, but not the house next to it.

‘I don’t remember that’ she says as she walks past it.

She asks questions as she walks along, to herself, to someone listening?

‘Do you fill in the gaps? The things I don’t remember? How does it work? Am I still a part of this?’

She walks onto the sand and looks to her left, she sees a handful of people sitting on the sand. She is expecting them to be there and smiles buts it’s still a shock. They are alone, just that one small group of people, sitting on the sand, including herself.

VO HOLIDAY (from before)
There is one woman sitting playing with her two children in the sand, they are my friends, I’m sitting with them, it’s an outing. In front of me there is a baby. The baby doesn’t belong to my friend, but I can’t be sure of that. It is a happy occasion, we are having a nice time.

VO. INTERVIEWER (from before)
Is that all you remember?

VO. HOLIDAY (from before)
That’s it. The only remarkable thing was the baby. I didn’t know whose it was.


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