10 Scenes #7: Made In China

EXT. – Lighthouse – sunset

The scene opens with the sun just about to dip under the horizon.

There is a lighthouse on a small hill looking out over the sea. There is the faint sounds of waves and distant traffic. This could be anywhere and also nowhere in its generic beauty. It is pastoral, comfortable and familiar.

The sun fully sets.

Over the next 3 minutes, the camera slowly zooms in towards the lighthouse as the lamp turns on, starts to spin and grows brighter and brighter, the mechanical hum of the lamp growing louder and louder. 2 figures appear in the window of the lighthouse, but it is hard to be sure they are really there because the spinning lamp is blinding.

There is the sound of muffled music. Maybe it is someone humming. Maybe it comes from the radio. Maybe it is just in our minds.

The camera steadies in close up on the light house as the bright lamp continues to spin around.

The outside sounds are now intercut – at the same metronomic pace of the spinning lamp – with the sound from inside the lighthouse. Louder music, maybe classical. Voices, maybe even discernible words, but no real sense to be made of them.

As we hear inside the lighthouse, we begin to see inside the lighthouse. A sense of claustrophobic closeness, almost too close up to tell what we’re looking at.

The figures are moving with each other. Are they dancing?

We see the figures standing still and breathing hard, super close up.

Abruptly all sounds stop and we jump-cut to a view of the whole lighthouse as one figure pushes the other out of the window. A silhouetted human form tumbling towards the rocks.

There is a loud thump and crack as the lamp spins into the camera and is exceptionally bright.

Cut to black.

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