Coming to Forest Fringe

Hello Friends,

It is happening. We are in Edinburgh and the opening of this year’s programme is approaching like a rogue Pamplona bull lost in a quiet corner of Leith.

As you may have noticed, this year’s programme is AMAZING and as a consequence a lot of things are already completely booked out. BUT DO NOT WORRY.

All of our shows are free, and as with all free shows plenty of people book tickets and then don’t show up. Plus we always leave a little bit of space for people turning up on the day. This means every show at Forest Fringe will always have some space for people who show up in the hope of getting in.

If you’ve bothered to come down, we’ll always do everything we can to get you in, and in the last three years at the Drill Hall almost everyone who has queued on the door has managed to get into the show they wanted to see.

So, if you really want to see a ‘sold out’ show by Greg Wohead or Mish Grigor or whoever it might be, we really encourage you to come down anyway.



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