A Microfestival of New Artists at Forest Fringe

Tue 16 & Wed 17 August

10 Edinburgh Festivals ago we were young, many of us not long out of school or university, some of us still at university. We didn’t know much about what it would take to sustain ourselves as artists or to be able to make the kinds of things we wanted to make.

Forest Fringe became one of the things that sustained us. It helped us make new friends and meet new colleagues from across the country. To find audiences and supporters for our work. To learn what it was we wanted to make and what it was we believed in.

As part of our retrospective year we wanted to invite to Forest Fringe a range of new artists from across the UK who are in a similar position to the one we were in back then. We wanted to give them a chance to present their brilliant exciting work at the festival for the first time, and equally importantly, to spend some time at Forest Fringe, meeting artists, experiencing the festival, and having a good time. We hope that spending some time with us might give them an opportunity to think about what they need to help sustains themselves as artists in the world today.

Like the artists we met in the early years of Forest Fringe and who have become such an important part of it, the young artists we have invited come from all across the UK and make work in a dizzying range of different ways. Across the two days they will be presenting their work there will be mannequins and mincemeat, intimacy and interaction, moments of deliberate confusion and moments of unexpected beauty.

The people taking part in this Microfestival of work by new artists will be:

Afreena Islam
Elizabeth Carlile
Jak Soroka
Tom Cassani

Alongside this we’re really pleased to be hosting Dead Ends, a new radio drama serial created for and performed by 18-25 year olds from the local Leith area, produced by Out of the Blue Drill Hall residents Strange Town.

We’re super excited about this programme and hope you will be too.


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