Hello Friends!

We are now only a few all-too-brief days away from the start of Forest Fringe’s Edinburgh Festival programme for this year. As usual for this time of year we are scared and excited in equal measure, but mainly just cannot wait to get properly started.

Before we do however we have a little updated for you.

As you might have noticed due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve unfortunately had to cancel Ira Brand’s two performances of Be Gentle With Me on the 19th and 20th August. HOWEVER, we are absolutely delighted to be able to fill that gap with two new exciting propositions:

1. Luther & Bockelson
For the evening of the 19th August Luther & Bockelson have brilliantly agreed to present a second night of their sold-out show Reformation9. Tickets are now available here but if you’re keen to go we encourage booking quickly because these crazy Germans are likely to sell out fast.

2. How to be an Artist
Equally excitingly on the 20th August we have got together with the ever-amazing Bryony Kimmings to put together a special one-off variety event that we’ve called HOW TO BE AN ARTIST, featuring all kinds of different Forest Fringe artists offering you their imaginative version of some advice on making it in this business none of us call show. Again, tickets are now available but we encourage you to book quickly as we imagine they’ll go quickly.

Thanks all – we look forward to seeing you soon!



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