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It’s late July and the Edinburgh festival is arriving with all the inescapability of coastal erosion and as such we thought now might be a nice time to give you some recommendations for shows to see in venues other than Forest Fringe. And we’re like totally cool with you having an open relationship with us and occasionally seeing other people and that as long as we’re still the ones you’re thinking of when you go to sleep at night, right?

So we asked some of the artists coming to Forest Fringe this summer what other things at the festival they were excited about and this is what they said:

Ventoux by 2Magpies at Summerhall. Dynamic new show about the Tour de France by an up and coming Nottingham company. Saw a scratch at a Hatch event and it’s got real bikes and everything. (Michael Pinchbeck)

I saw Daniel kitson’ polyphony in melbourne this year and it’s such a beautiful work, about death and absence in theatre. About all the things theatre is and can never be. About a one man show, and stand up comedy, rubbing up against recorded voice, and writing for theatre. He’s just so clever. Really well worth checking out. 

Heck I’m excited about bryony kimmings’ welcome speech to fringe artists on 7 August. She’s gonna talk politics. That’s enough for me. (Emma Hall)

Jamie Wood’s O No! at Assembly and Sh!t Theatre’s Women’s Hour at Summerhall are my top tips. (Emma Frankland)

I’m really excited to see Am I Dead Yet by Unlimited doing some late night showings at the Traverse. Also, Zoe Coombs marr at underbelly doing Dave, her fucking awesome comedy show. She’s from our fave Australian company Post and we love her and have been looking forward to seeing this for a year! (Jess Latowicki, Made In China)

We can’t wait for Trevor Feelgood: The Dork Knight Rises in 3D. Trevor was on in the slot after us in The Counting House Loft last year, and his show Sex Machine was one of the kookiest, most unexpected hits of our Fringe. He’s a braver human than us and is back in the same slot this year at 1:15am. His flyer alone is destined to become a collector’s item.

Elsewhere, we’re excited to see Stef Smith’s all-female three hander, Swallow at The Traverse, and freaky king Tomás Ford’s Good Music Cave Party (Laughing Horse Free Fringe)/ Crap Music Rave Party (Just The Tonic at The Community Project) which we fully expect to leave us feeling bruised, hoarse and elated. (Eggs Collective)

ACTRESS (sleepwalk collective) on account of it’s the newbie from my favourites and
La Merda (Cristian Ceresoli / Silvia Gallerano) on account of it’ll never tour UK again (apparently) and it’s the angriest (and probably best) show in the world. (Christopher Brett Bailey)

So there you go. That’s probably enough for now.




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