The Paper Disco

If you placed all the flyers in Edinburgh during August end to end, they’d stretch from here to the moon and back. That’s not a fact but it could be true. It’s also not true that there are more flyers in Edinburgh during August than there are millimetres of rain. There are, however, a hell of a lot of flyers.

The life of a flyer is short as a mayfly. It is thrust into ambivalent hands, has momentary purpose as it is given a cursory glance, and then it is discarded. It’s a sad way to be.

We thought we’d give those unwanted flyers a new life. So we’ve created THE PAPER DISCO, a night of partying and good times based entirely around unwanted flyers. We’ll have origami lessons, an epic paper aeroplane tournament, Neil and Steve’s Flyerface, Flyer Blurb Bingo, Festival Roulette and a costume-making table to create a spectacular gown of flyers. Plus dancing. There will also be dancing.

Come down from 11pm on Wednesday 17 August and bring as many flyers as you can find. It will almost definitely be the most fun you could have with an unwanted Edinburgh flyer.

Forest Fringe
17 August, 11pm


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