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To celebrate the passing of the Forest Café as home of the Forest Fringe, Stoke Newington International Airport return to the Forest Fringe, for one night only on Friday 26th August at 11pm, with Live Art Speed Date.
We are looking for artists and performers to take part in this micro festival of intimate performance and give the Forest Café and FF the farewell it deserves.

Live Art Speed Date is an exploration and celebration of intimate exchange between Artist and audience. A diverse selection of innovative performance artists, theatre makers, musicians and comedians are chosen to create and present a four minute one-on-one performance or “date”. The audience make their own journey through the dates, with opportunities to interact with each other and walkabout artists. This carefully curated event explores public and private behaviours creating a vibrant fairground of fragmented experiences, pushing the notion of interactive performance and audience/performer collaboration.

Live Art Speed Date presents a wonderful opportunity for you as an artist or performer to try out new ideas or put yourself in a new situation, reach new audiences and build new relationships with other artists and promoters. Participants from previous LASD have developed the ideas tested at the event in to full works.
Live Art Speed Date crystallizes a movement in contemporary British performance – a free-wheeling, wide ranging bashing down of boundaries between forms and practices, a celebration of us all as both artists and audience.
Tim Crouch

How to take part

We are looking for artists to create a four minute performance for an audience of one.

This ‘date’ will be repeated 16 times over a 2 hour period. The date can take place in one of our booths, at a table or any other space at forest café that you are interested in inhabiting. If your not going to be at the festival you can propose to date remotely via mobile phone, printed text, instruction of some sort or any digital variant.

If you would like to take part in LASD please send us a description of your idea, no longer than 100 words. Please consider the four minute duration of the piece carefully, the mood you are hoping to create and how your audience member will enter and leave the space.

Detail whether you need a booth or a table and describe briefly how your space will look listing any technical requirements. Booths are typically 1.5mx1.2m and come with a chair, electrical supply and table lamp.

We are also interested in hearing from you if you have an idea for an auto-date or any other activity that audience can take part in while they aren’t dating.

Deadline for Submissions

Send your proposal and one image relating to it or of previous work to by Midnight August 15th 2011.

Once you have been selected to take part there will be the opportunity to workshop your idea with us at our base in Edinburgh or London in order to develop it fully to meet the needs of the event.

For information on past LASD please visit

Thanks for supporting us, and if you know anyone who might like to contribute to Live Art Speed Dating please pass this on to them.

Nick ,Greg, Gary, & Zekan.


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