One Minute Manifesto – Pat Ashe

A one minute manifesto now from a man of innumerable talents and possibly (nay, definitely) Forest Fringe’s most loyal and consistent volunteer, the quite remarkable Pat Ashe (not to be confused with former Wimbledon champion and famous bandana-wearer Pat Cash).

I didn’t know what to say so here is a list of things I would love to
see happen:

A world where its the art you make that counts.
Proper letters to be cool again.
More mixtapes, less Now That’s What I Call Music.
The small and beautiful to outweigh the loud and garish.
More tiny, awesome moments in day to day life.
Tetris to be sat next to the Mona Lisa. Fuck Roger Ebert. Video games are art.
An Edinburgh free of flyers. Instead we plant the same amount of trees that would be wasted every day.
More mottos, more passions, more attempts, even if you fail. Do it!
Everyone to stop, listen to themselves and believe what they hear.
Manifestos to be worth a damn again.

Nice one Pat.


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