A Message from Lucy

A message from Lucy Ellinson, who curated the lovely collection of One Minute Manifestos that you have been reading on here in the last week or so.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on this:

A series of 3 one day symposia organised by ‘AHM’ (Sam Ainsley, David Harding and Sandy Moffat) with the overall title of, ‘State of Play – Art and Culture in Scotland Today’.

The first of these will be at the Gilmorehill Centre, University of Glasgow on Saturday October 9, 2010.

A key element to start the day will be a ‘performance’ which we describe as ‘Individual Manifestos’ in which artists will have the opportunity to give voice to their wider concerns and ambitions by making a statement about where they feel visual art stands today and what the future might hold.

More of the forest fringe manifestos to be posted soon. But by all means, post yours up here if you’d like to write one?



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