Forest Fringe TV Presents: Emma Frankland Double Bill


(this will be a ticketless event - information on how to watch will be posted here in advance of the event)

As we re-enter lockdown here in the UK, Forest Fringe TV returns with a special event celebrating the work of the wonderful Emma Frankland, featuring a double bill of Emma's film work and a live Q&A with Forest Fringe Co-director Ira Brand.

7pm River Adur Duet (12mins)

'During the Summer lockdown of 2020 - between two new moons, I explored the river that I live on as research for a performance called ‘River Adur Duet’, commissioned by Farnham Maltings to reflect this extraordinary time and connect with my local community in Shoreham-by-Sea.

I live on a boat, in an estuary, which means that twice a day the tide comes in and out. It is a neither / nor place - not land and not sea. Not fresh water and not salty.

It is brackish and wild. It is in-between.

The tide seemed a perfect metaphor for this moment; the river a perfect environment to create a live performance that could be socially distant.

A ritual dance
in, and with, the river.'

River Adur Duet is a performance created by Emma Frankland, supported by Farnham Maltings. Film by Rosie Powell.

7.15pm Emma Frankland Q&A with Ira Brand 

A conversation between artist Emma Frankland and Forest Fringe co-director Ira Brand exploring the making of River Adur Duet in the midst of this tumultuous year.

7.45pm Rituals for Change (45mins)

Based on the acclaimed stage performance by Emma Frankland, Rituals for Change, first presented at Forest Fringe in Edinburgh back in 2013, Rituals for Change: The Film, created in partnership with The Space, presents a series of rituals created to explore gender transition and the fluid notion of change.

‘Emma Frankland’s euphoric Rituals for Change is [a] near-perfect twinning of content and form. A hymn to mutability, an earthy, messy sacrament to constant evolution and alteration, it charts her gender transition in a series of gnomic, interlocking actions.’

* * * * * The Stage on the stage performance of Rituals for Change

Rituals For Change: The Film is written and performed by Emma Frankland, filmed and edited by Rosie Powell. Supported by The Space.


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