Abigail Conway


Abigail Conway is a visual artist who works in the realm of live performance creating large scale installations. Abigail's interests lie in working with material objects, craft and actions to create playful site-specific installations and immersive encounters for audiences.

Her work crosses many disciplines (sound and video design, music technology, nature, architecture and performance) blurring the worlds of visual art and theatre. She explores intimacy through instruction-based work, and frequently commits long periods of time to learning new skills - the Hobby Projects method - which she then shares and explores with her audience members/participants.

For her most recent piece Ride she learned how to drive a motorcycle, became licensed, and worked with local motorcyclists to take audience members out on rides (or as she called them, motorcycle meditations) through the hills of Tasmania. In all her work, Abigail actively celebrates and encourages the artist in everyone, disrupting the delineated roles of spectator and performer in playful ways.




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