Forest Fringe TV – Part 3 – JULY

Forest Fringe TV is our new online platform. Every Thursday night at 7.30pm we will present something for you to watch or participate in. It may be a few minutes long. It may be two hours long. It may be a film to watch, or a live digital performance, or something else entirely.


Selina Thompson – Missy Elliot
Watch here (until 9/7/20)

Selina Thompson and Toni-Dee Paul made a short film about their love of Missy Elliott for LADA’s Icons on Icons series, and now felt as good a time as any to share it a second time.

Nick Field – CultSong (EXP 1)
Watch here

This is the first experiment towards the development of my new work CultSong. CultSong is a song cycle. It explores relationships between cults and music to ask questions about how and why cult behaviour permeates through cultures and societies. Because, aren’t we surrounded by cults right now?

This experimental digital piece, made from my lockdown kitchen as part of the research and development of CultSong, traces a song written by one of the world’s most notorious cult leaders as it, and the bloody legacy of the cult, ripples through pop culture in surprising ways.


Victor Esses & Yorgos Petrou – Unfamiliar
Click here to book. 

What is a family? Where does it come from? Can we make our own?

Theatre maker Victor Esses and visual artist Yorgos Petrou recently made some big plans, and they don’t know if they are ready for them. One is to make a show together, the other is to have a baby…

Unfamiliar is a frank autobiographical performance combining text, movement and found objects to explore received and created narratives, legacy and being queer today. What do we need to do to live the life we always wanted?

Unfamiliar was developed at BAC, The Marlborough and Brighton Dome. It opened at CASA Festival (Arcola Theatre), and will be adapted for Forest Fringe TV. Victor and Yorgos are excited to invite you into their home.


Rhiannon Armstrong & Tim Spooner – The Microscope Sessions
Check back here for details of how to watch.

We are on a Skype call together: our cameras are microscopes and they are focussed on paper instead of ourselves.

We border each other.

We co-create a painting in real-time.

We attend to the demands of our microscopic materials.

Tune in as the painting emerges through an evolving game of consequences, cross-pollination, and contamination.

Thanks to Unlimited and Jerwood Arts: our time developing this new work was paid for by money repurposed from a project that they funded that could no longer go ahead.

JULY 23 

Vera Chok – Tender Attention
Check back here for details of how to watch.

Tender Attention is an 18 hour live ASMR performance by Vera Chok.


Abigail Conway – Primrose Broadcast
Check back here for details of how to watch.

Inspired by the installation-concert An evening with Primrose, a single primrose bloom will be broadcast live at dusk on Thursday  30 July  from Bognor Regis. This mobile (lo-fi) version of the installation, developed for Forest Fringe TV, will travel and capture an evening primrose in its natural habitat. Featuring a unique soundscape created live by the evening primrose flower bloomingwatch nature perform as a flower becomes a conductor, a living instrument, centre stage. It may be shy, or nervous or a bee may interrupt its flow… expect the unexpected.

The performing Primrose invites us to step away from our constant attempts to create our lives on demand and surrender to the simple act of waiting.

In 2017, An evening with Primrose premiered at Brighton Digital Festival, produced by Sally Rose with sound and interactive design by Ross Flight. Supported by University of Chichester, developed at & supported by Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, with thanks to The Spire, the National Theatre Studio, Melanie Wilson, Laura Collier, James Lewis, Sarah Johns, Will Dickie, Dominic Baker & Oliver Levett, Soraya Gilanni & Deborah Pearson. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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