10 Scenes #1: Tim Etchells

EXT. – Behind the Diner – Late Afternoon

Nothing happens for a while. We hear the sound of people playing on the distant beach, some seagulls. Then the SOUND of AEROPLANES approaching.

Eventually TWO SKYWRITING PLANES enter the sky from the left hand side. They fly slowly across the space of the screen, looping the loop as they go, twisting and turning. Crossing in formation, each plane leaves a trail of vapour behind it, writing the words:


in two lines, above the Diner, exiting the shot to the right when their writing is done.

Once they are out of sight the sound of the planes recedes. Nothing happens.

The shot stays fixed for a long time, maybe two hours, during which period no one arrives, no one departs. Ambient sound continues from the distant beach, getting softer.

In the sky the SKYWRITING softens as the vapour trails disperse in the breeze, slowly at first.

The sky darkens and colour shifts towards sunset.

In the end the text is completely dispersed and the sky is an impossible red.


This is the first part of 10 Scenes from an Imaginary Film, a mini-project of 10 imagined scenes by 10 different artists to coincide with our last days of crowdfunding for our feature film.

You can find out more and donate here.


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