A residency & an art club

An International Co-Lab Residency in Edinburgh

We are currently in Edinburgh hosting an international residency for a group of artists from Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Scotland, inviting them to spend two weeks together to delve into and explore Edinburgh and the Edinburgh festivals, to share artistic skills and cultural knowledge, to expand their creative practice and to build their international networks. The Co-Lab is co-curated by Forest Fringe, Basement Theatre, Auckland, and West Kowloon Cultural District. It is a three year project that will bring the same group of artists together to meet and work with each other in each country. Participating artists are: Nic Green, Eilidh MacAskill, Sharron Devine, Dick Wong, Abby Chan, Ata Wong, Julia Croft, Nisha Midhan and Jason Wright.


The Amateurs Club: 7th September, The River Rooms, Somerset House Studios

The Amateurs Club is a new monthly art club we will be running at Somerset House Studios this autumn. The club is a factory where no one knows how to operate the machinery but where, with any luck, nobody will be injured. A place where professional artists of all kinds can come to be amateurs, a club where everyone is welcome and commited to collective unknowing, and plunge in anyway. Together in this space willing participants will meet, explore, exchange, discuss, imagine and experiment. Most importantly, it is a space for doing things, or for learning how to do things, from cinematography to civil disobedience to founding a political party.

A different member of Forest Fringe will lead each event, inviting a guest to speak on a theme. The first event is hosted by Deborah Pearson and will revisit the old MGM and RKO Hollywood studio system of the 1950s to explore it’s potential to inspire a radical new model for making contemporary film in a more collective, less authoritarian way.

Future Amateurs Club dates are: 19th October, 16th November, 14th December.


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