Secrets and Lies at the Latitude Festival

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Hello friends,

Once again we’re heading back to Latitude Festival for what will be our fifth year at the festival. We totally love it there. This year we’re delighted to be hosting over a dozen Forest Fringe artists in an small tent hidden away in the Faraway Forest all exploring this year’s festival theme of ‘Secrets and Lies’. Amongst other things you can expect to find an installation that invites you to swallow other people’s words, a disturbing descent into the mind of a serial killer, a durational Sex and the City marathon, an immersive sound bath, a secret one-on-one encounter and a late night game of truth or dare.

This micro-venue will be open every day throughout the festival, beginning on Thursday evening with a night of true stories hosted by Manchester’s legendary Tales of Whatever, alongside a hidden one-on-on encounter in the woods created especially for Forest Fringe by a secret guest artists. Later in the weekend you’ll be able to experience work by a whole range of other Forest Fringe artists, including:

  • Abigail Conway, who will be presenting On The Tip Of Your Tongue, an intimate installation for one audience member at a time exploring all the words we never say.
  • A series of eviscerating and unpredictable solo performances experienced in the close confines of our miniature space by Christopher Brett Bailey, Louise Orwin, Greg Wohead and Foxy and Husk.
  • A special version of Verity Standen’s HUG, an immersive choral sound bath in which each audience member is blindfolded and hugged by a singer.
  • A numberof almost-invisible interventions by the elusive duo They Are Here.
  • And finally all day Sunday Brian Lobel’s you have to forgive me, you have to forgive me, you have to forgive me – a nine-hour durational, one-to-one watching of Sex & The City exploring intimacy, isolation and the pervasive legacy of Carrie Bradshaw ten years after going off television.
  • Before the festival we’ll publish on our website a downloadable day-by-day schedule of when you can experience all the Forest Fringe events at Latitude this year or alternatively each day we’ll have the line-up posted outside of the tent itself.

This scheduled programme will be accompanied by a number of other impromptu events, tiny interventions and opportunities for fun, so whatever time of day it is and whatever the weather, come find Forest in the Faraway Forest for an adventurous, illicit and most likely completely irresponsible journey through this year’s Latitude Festival.  We can’t wait to see you there.

Latitude this year runs from 17 – 20 July. You can buy tickets to the festival over here.

[Image – ‘Eponymous’ Forest Fringe Latitude 2012, credit Briony Campbell]


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