We, Object by Figs in Wigs

We know of course that all you brilliant people will be keen to spend almost every waking hour hanging out with us in Leith this August, but apparently there’s a whole festival out there to explore and with that in mind we thought we’d give you some suggestions of things we’re really looking forward to seeing. Hopefully there might be a few things in here that you haven’t come across yet.

(*bonus points to anyone who manages to see everything listed below and can report back on whose recommendations were the bestest.)


Oh My Irma by Haley McGee
Hill Street Theatre
A very well written and well acted one man, fuck-off-good traditional fringe fare from Canada. That said Haley has also been compared to Michael Cera and Napoleon Dymamite’s crack baby in this show. So there is that too.

The Odyssey by Paper Cinema
I have loved this project since Nic Rawling told me that he wanted the first act to be Odysseus’ son inter-railing around Europe while reading Homer.

Ours was the Fen Country by Dan Canham
Dance Base
Choreographed to the score of conversation and interviews, I’m pretty confident this will be one of the most subtly ambitious, detailed and beautiful shows on the fringe this year.

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model by Bryony Kimmings
Pleasance Dome
Not for kids but it stars a kid – Bryony’s 9 year old niece, Taylor. Watching this show at a preview at the Almedia I actually felt like I was seeing my childhood from the outside, and it was incredibly unnerving.

Solpadeine is my boyfriend by With An F Productions
I met Stefanie on a residency in Ireland, and she would articulate the group’s collective anxieties, tensions and observations with so much accuracy and so often that it was both unnerving and hilarious. If her work is as spot on honest as she is (which reviews and word of mouth seem to suggest it absolutely is), then this will definitely be a show to look out for.



Hunt & Darton Café
Both the cafe and the programme, which is also curated by Buzzcut on alternate nights. Both Buzzcut and Hunt & Darton Cafe are excellent and playful ventures. Buzzcut in Glasgow is my favourite new festival, and one that has a lot of the same drive and ethos as Forest Fringe.

The Way You Tell Them by Rachel Mars
I have seen this show at different stages of development, and every time find something very exciting and bristling in it – so I’m excited to see this final version and, I hope, feel that again.

The Worst of Scottee by Scottee
Assembly George Square
I think this is a brilliant and brave premise for a show, and it’s directed by Chris Goode, which I think is a really exciting and intriguing collaboration.

La Merda by Silvia Gallerano / Cristian Ceresoli
This comes really highly recommended so I’m really looking forward to finally seeing it.

Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman
Any Cinema
Because everybody needs a break from art.


The GB Project by Kate Craddock
Northern Stage
Having Northern Stage in Edinburgh feels like a very good thing indeed. Kate is great and this looks like a fascinating show.

We, Object by Figs in Wigs
The Space @ Surgeon’s Hall
I saw a preview of this show in London and almost immediately wanted to see it again. It bends words and ideas and jokes into something beautifully unrecognisable. Like Trista Tzara trying to explain a Monty Python Sketch.

Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane
Jupiter Artland
I love Jeremy Deller like a cool babysitter.

How to Avoid Making an Entrance of Yourself by Dot Howard
Hunt & Darton Cafe
I’ve been wanting to see Dot’s work for ages and have never had the chance and I’m excited to finally be able to.

Innocent Railway Tunnel
It’s just a really good tunnel. Probably strictly for lovers of tunnels.


And in all that excitement it’s maybe good to remember that you can still book yourself tickets for all of Forest Fringe’s larger-capacity shows over here. Which you should do. You definitely should. 


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