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Here are the details of all the artists and events that will be part of Week 1 of our residency at the Gate. The week has been curated around Ant Hampton and Glen Neath’s brilliant Romcom, a show that requires two unrehearsed guest performers each night.

Tickets are only £12 and you can book them on the Gate Theatre’s website, or by calling 020 7229 0706. And, as always, if you book for two nights together you get them for only £10 for each night.

So here we go…


Part 1

Romcom will be performed by Karen Christopher and Neil Callaghan

Karen Christopher is a collaborative performance deviser, performer, and teacher. She was a member of Chicago-based Goat Island performance group for 20 years until the group disbanded in 2009.
Neil Callaghan is a dancer and performer. He is a regular collaborator of Simone Kenyon, a founder member of Propeller Performance and has worked with companies including Uninvited Guests and David Rosnberg.

Part 2

Karen Christopher – working title: Long waves begin to form
Stories of the wind in 5 parts – fragments for a future performance
As part of an ongoing investigation into invisible forces, this is an early study, a small sketch for something really big about the wind.

Neil Callaghan – ‘A Certain Shaft of Light’
A short solo dance performance.


Part 1

Romcom will be performed by Ira Brand and Chris Bailey

Ira Brand is an artist, performance-maker and writer. She was a founding member of Tinned Fingers and Antique Women and has worked regularly with companies including People Show, Living Structures, Kings of England and Made In China.
Christopher Brett Bailey is a theatre-maker, performer AND musician based in London, UK. He has worked with Made In China, MAKE/SHIFT and Andy Field, amongst others.

Part 2

Sharp dressed musicians and over-heating amplifiers…
THIS MACHINE WON’T KILL FASCISTS BUT IT MIGHT GET YOU LAID is a series of compositions for and about the electric guitar. Klanging metallic textures, insistent overtones and grinding repetitions performed in sharp suits, at maximum volume.

Ira Brand – The Nearest Exit
On a Boeing 747 the statistically safest seats are towards the rear of the plane, in rows 34 to 49. 

And you, sir, are sat in statistically the safest seat in this theatre. Congratulations.

A piece about aeroplane disasters and being a long way from home. Created with support from Rules & Regs. This is a piece in development; it was made in response to a set of rules as a challenge to artistic practice, on a residency in Yokohama, Japan.


Part 1

Romcom will be performed by Nigel Barrett and Season Butler

Nigel Barrett is a member of SHUNT. He has performed with companies including Wildworks (The Passion), Coney, SHUNT. He makes work in collaboration with SHUNT artist Louise Mari.
Season Butler is currently reading a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College and is associate producer of the I’m With You performance collective. Season celebrates the contemporary savage, interrogates the myth of the civilised man, and attempts to discover how to be good through writing and performance.

Part 2

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari – A Conversation
A solo performance piece from Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari, which offers lessons on The Ethel Cotton Course In Conversation, including questioning whether you may think your happiness is dependent on your ability to continue an intelligent conversation.

Season Butler – Some Thoughts on Princesses and Privilege.
The Princess speaks. And this time, she speaks with her mouth full. Citizens, subjects, lend an ear and get ready to give some sympathy to the gentle class.


Part 1

Romcom will be performed by Thom Tuck and Caroline Williams

Thom Tuck is a British actor and comedian known for being one third of comedy troupe The Penny Dreadfuls and as a Stand-up comedian nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is also the co-founder of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society.
Caroline Williams is a performer, writer and director and one of the original members of Paper Cinema. She is Artistic Associate at The Yard, in Hackney Wick.

Part 2

Thom Tuck Goes Straight to DVD
Thom Tuck has been watching a lot of films. Some of them have been very bad films. Thom will perform one episode of his series on straight to DVD films, first seen at the Edinburgh Festival and currently presented as a four-part series on Radio 4.

Caroline Williams – Ich bin ein, no thanks
A first outing in London for a new piece about love, melodrama and the city of Berlin, involving excessive relationship detritus and a communal aqua-fitness regime.


Part 1

Romcom will be performed by Jess Latowicki and Sam Booth

Jess Latowicki is a live artist, writer and performer from New York City. Her work has been seen at BAC, ICA, Shunt and Brick Box. She is a founder member of Made In China and has collaborated with artists including Uninvited Guests, Bryony Kimmings and Nigel Barrett & Louse Mari.
Sam Booth is a London-based actor.  He has worked extensively with Punchdrunk, devising and performing roles in shows including The Firebird Ball, Faust and Tunnel 228.  He is currently working on a new London show: The Drowned Man, which opens in July.

Part 2

Jess Latowicki – Gym Party (fragments)
Jess Latowicki will perform some new words and ideas created as part of Made In China’s latest show, Gym Party.

Andy Field – Moveyhouse
An audience in a darkened room attempts to reconstruct live exactly what is happening in a cinema elsewhere, fed by text messages from unseen figures hidden in the cinema. They have only a table full of props – popcorn, boiled sweets, coca cola, King Kong, an American flag, Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse.
What begins as an act of reconstruction quickly slips into fantasy – there are cheers, there is laughter, there are people rolling on the floor. There is fighting and crying and grumbles about the noise.


Part 1

Romcom will be performed by Chris Thorpe and Lucy Ellinson

Chris Thorpe is a writer, performer, part of Unlimited Theatre and one of the creators of Torycore, winner of the Arches Brick Award 2012. Chris also curated and headlined one of the weeks of the Forest Fringe Residency at the Gate in 2012.
Lucy Ellinson is a performer and one of the creators of Torycore, winner of the Arches Brick Award 2012. Her theatre theatre credits include Oh the humanity (and other good intentions) for Northern Stage (Newcastle, Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre), A Thousand Shards of Glass (Jane Packman Company),  and UK premières for Land Without Words.

Part 2

Chris Thorpe
Chris will present a new piece of writing that has yet to be seen in London.

Chris Thorpe and Andy Field – In Case of Emergencies
Building on a series of impromptu collaborations that began at the Gate Residency in 2012, this is a first try out of a new project that we hope will become much bigger with time.


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