Before Christmas

The air is cooler, tinsel is poorly displayed in a variety of locations and Coca Cola have released another expensively-crafted attempt to appropriate the spirit of Santa Claus for their entirely unseasonal range of drinks. The horror and fireworks of Autumn are behind us and Christmas is on its way.

Now I bloody love Christmas – the air tastes better and its my birthday two days afterwards – but before we get to it there are a range of exciting and brilliant things you should be doing and we just wanted to round those up quickly.

In Between Time Festival, 1st – 5th December

First up, there’s a great collection of projects we’ve been involved with at Bristol’s quite incredible In Between Time, a festival of art and intrigue.

Be sure to check out the completed version of Action Hero‘s latest piece Frontman, experiments for which were part of Forest Fringe at Bristol Old Vic and in Edinburgh this year, and Search Party‘s beautiful show Growing Old With You, which we’ve also been really involved with developing this year. Both are likely to be quite uniquely breathtaking shows from two companies making some of the most original and exciting work anywhere in the UK.

Then there’s also Jo Bannon‘s brilliantly funny and intriguing Foley and Me & the Machine‘s When We Meet Again (Introduced as Friends) that were both part of Forest Fringe this summer and a specially adapted version of Blast Theory‘s Soft Message, which has been part of the Forest Fringe Travelling Sounds Library as its made its way around the country this year.

You can also catch a new Subtlemob by the brilliant Duncan Speakman, who’s last piece lit up the Grassmarket up in Edinburgh so beautifully last summer.

Be sure to get involved with as much as you can.


Secondly this coming weekend get yourself down to Shunt on Saturday from 8pm for Canard Digerateur,a night of art and dancing and mayhem as a collection of our finest friends from Glasgow take it over, including Kieran Hurley, Gary McNair and Angie Bual & Fergus Dunnett.

It looks like a genuinely brilliant night. I’m definitely going so hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

More Forest Fringe?

You might have also heard some rumours that Forest Fringe is going to be conjuring some event before Christmas. This is, partly, true but not so much an event, instead expect something smaller, a little more secret and hopefully a little more magical. Follow us on twitter or via facebook to keep an eye out for what it might be.

Also, expect to be hearing from us before Christmas to tell you a bit more about what we have planned for Edinburgh this year. A big announcement about a quite radical shift in how the programme is going to be put together.

It’s all might exciting stuff.


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