Robot Disco Needs You

A Robot, courtesy of PixelPlacebo

So as I hope most of you might know, this Saturday we are hosting (amongst other things) a quite spectacular Robot Disco at Shunt‘s beautiful Bermondsey warehouse space. This will involve all the necessary Robo-elements, including a Robot Making station, a Robot Dancefloor and some Robo-DJing provided by James from Action Hero (Robot in Chief).

But we thought it would also be good if we could give each robot created a name of their very own. And that’s where you come in. We’re trying to collect 100 Robot names, which will then all be printed out and given by a special Robo-Clerk to each Robot, along with a AA battery and a firm Robot handshake.

SO, what we need from you good people are Robo-names. Any name that you would like to see given to a Robot. We’ll also try and take a photo of each Robot and then upload them to Flickr so that you can see which Robot ends up with your name.

That’s it, basically. The rest is up to you…

Beep beep.


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