Forest Fringe 2010 Part 3: A Festival of Adventures

(James Baker, 30 Days to Space)
We like the unlikely places in which live performance can make a home for itself. The strange encounters you might discover in tiny rooms or on park benches, in grand cinemas and cramped video stores. We like the ways we find to look at the things around us in a different way.

These are projects that will take you somewhere unusual. Some of them are scattered across Edinburgh, others are hidden in corners of our own building. Some happen only once or twice, others are repeated throughout the day, and others are available whenever you want or need them. Come down to Forest Fringe and you can guarantee there’ll always be some miniature experience to be unravelled.

Regardless of where you’ll end up, all these events will begin at Forest Fringe. You’ll then be guided by us to wherever you need to be.

every minute, always – Melanie Wilson & Abigail Conway
Monday 9 – Saturday 14 August, 4pm
every minute, always is a headphones performance taking place in the main auditorium of the Filmhouse cinema on Lothian road, created for two people to encounter together. From the intimate, low-lit vantage of the cinema seat, the participant is guided by the voice of the narrator into a rich and sonically transporting world of cinematic perspective.
Away Into the Night – Sarah Hopfinger
Monday 9 & Tuesday 10 August, 6pm & 8pm
Away Into The Night is a new performance that investigates the question: How do we say goodbye? For a small audience at a time, this personal and participatory piece asks us to remember in order to move forwards into an unknown future with hope.
Like You Were Before – Deborah Pearson
Monday 9 – Saturday 21 August (not 14), 10pm
Debbie will take you on a journey through time but she can only access her own time and she can only access it through a video. The video never changes, but she does. An intimate performance in Alphabet Video in Marchmont, Debbie’s old place of work.
DEDOMEGAMIX – Richard Dedomenici
Monday 9 – Saturday 21 August, all day
To commemorate the looming tenth anniversary of his leaving art school, Richard DeDomenici forensically reexamines the first decade of his creative output and draws some damning conclusions. In what is described both as a groundbreaking challenge to the existing Fringe venue status quo, and a pragmatic austerity measure, DeDomenici intends to perform DEDOMEGAMIX in a small portable tent, which he stubbornly refers to as a ‘Pop-Up Nomadic/Boutique Autonomous Microvenue’.
Jarideh – Tania El Khoury
Monday 9 – Friday 13 August, all day
A secret encounter and a suspicious one on one performance. It is inspired by both crime films and real events such as the Metropolitan Police’s terrorism awareness and operations made in the past by women fighters in the Lebanese resistance.
The Bench – Ant Hampton (Rotozaza) and Glen Neath
Monday 9 – Saturday 21 August, all day
In the same vein as Rotozaza’s internationally successful ‘autoteatro’ work, ‘Etiquette’, TheBench invites two audience / participators to respond to instructions given via headphones, but with some significant differences…- they are outside, on a bench and, they don’t know each other.
30 Days to Space – James Baker
Monday 9 – Saturday 21, all day
I want to become an astronaut. I want to get to Space. Space (as defined by NASA) is 50 miles up from the Earth’s surface. That sounds doable. By climbing a 6ft ladder 1467 times each day for 30 continuous days I will eventually reach a height of 50 miles; space. Each climb of the 6ft ladder will be marked by drawing a chalk star onto the wall.
As if it were the last time: A subtlemob – Duncan Speakman
Friday 13 August, 7pm

‘as if it were the last time’ invites you to take part in a secret event this August.
You’ve seen the people freeze in train stations and the mass pillow fights, well this will be a more invisible experience, like walking through a film.

To take part in this event register in advance at and you’ll be invited to download an MP3 and turn up at a secret location to listen to the soundtrack at a specified time.

When We Meet Again (introduced as friends) – Me & The Machine
Monday 16 – Friday 20 August, all day (till 8pm)
When We Meet Again is a wearable film and a one to one sensorial performance featuring you, your invisible friend, a 3D soundtrack and an old forgotten dance, an ocean, a flavour and me. Video filmed from a first person perspective and played on video goggles replaces your point of view by that one of a film character.
This is just to Say – Hannah Walker
Monday 16 – Friday 20 August, 5pm & 9pm
This is just to say is… a conversation with poems in it. It’s about manipulation, Britishness, love and winning. This is just to say… is smudging its make-up, buying you bouquets and screening your calls. This is just to say… is an intimate audience piece set around a table. Pull up a chair and drink some wine.
It’s Like He’s Knocking – Leo Kay
Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 August, 6pm and Thursday 19 August, 4pm
‘It’s Like He’s Knocking’ is a biographical, text-based, physical performance set in the intimacy of a Balham bedsit. Leo weaves the stories of 3 generations of men exploring heritage and ancestral healing, mental health and the serendipity of co-incidence. Each performance hosts an audience of 10 people.


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