The Memory Book

On Friday night we ran a little event at Central School of Speech Drama. The main purpose of it was to try and experiment with a new kind of space for artists to play in. A bustling little hub in which video installations, audio experiences, one on one encounters and other miniature events could co-exist. A space somewhere between a gallery and a theatre and a party.

You could have Brian Lobel buy a minute of your time, or Debbie Pearson tell you about the music that’s been ruined for her by dating, or see a brilliantly disturbing video installation by Charlotte Jarvis, tell Jo Bannon about your claim to fame, have a five minute relationship with Mamoru Iriguchi. We had the first realisation of a travelling audio library that we are working on building. We had a beautiful night time balcony gig by Little Bulb. We had Greg McLaren hidden in a corner of the building. It was a lovely evening and it will hopefully become the basis for a series of exciting events we’re hoping to make happen in the Spring across the country.
One of the little pieces we had there was a new collaborative piece by us at Forest Fringe.
We laid out a diary and asked people to contribute a memory for each day of the year. Here are a collection of those that we got.
March 1
This is the beginning of the month where I celebrate the year anniversary of my first love.

March 28
I woke up.

May 6
First kiss of many – in fact, the first kiss and the last time I kissed anyone else.

May 16
Today the first seed sprouted. That made me hopeful, even though I’d spilled the seed tray on the floor.

July 4
My first child was born on July 4. It was a hot night – all the windows were open. She was delivered by a U.S. student – his first delivery. He looked stunned and amazed.

August 1
A year ago today I watched the sun set + rise again over the mount ridges of New Mexico.
August 19
We had a party in a cave for the most delightful of ladies.

September 3
Today I was the recipient of fellatio on a public bus. Teenage wet dream? I was worried terribly that someone would turn around. What would I say? No one did.

September 9
I had an abortion.

November 10
My mother was born in 1947. She is a great woman. She deserves a lot more love than she gets but sometimes she shoots herself in the foot. What an interesting mind. I want so much to giver her the world but in so many ways she wouldn’t take it.

November 13
I am thinking of you right now, and I wish I wasn’t. I wish it wasn’t like this and that it may of ended differently. Who knows what would of happened. But I feel that it shouldn’t of happened this way.

November 28
CJ had a one night stand in Manor House.

December 10
After he’d forgotten my birthday for the 3rd time I tried to kill myself. I failed. He’s gone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

Hopefully we can continue to add to the Memory Book as we go and maybe have a full year of memories by Edinburgh to have on display for people during the festival. If you want to contribute something just email us via our website or put something in the comments.


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