Forest Fringe 2007 – Survivors

So for Forest Fringe 2007, Debbie went out and brought three small pot plants from somewhere nearby. She placed them on a windowsill on the stairs in an effort to make the place look half presentable. And there, remarkably, they stayed. They had to put up with two weeks of mad theatre, drunk crowds attending music nights and shocking care – I have to admit I didn’t water them once. Personally, I was convinced some drunk visitor at 2am would think they looked good and take them. Sometimes its nice to be wrong.

At the end of two weeks, we carefully took them home. Debbie took one and I took two, and I combined them into one pot and looked after them carefully. I do water them now, I should say. As you can see, its doing well. It will be back for Forest Fringe 2008. Please treat it well.

James, Venue Manager


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