Latitude 2016


Forest Fringe is a home in the Latitude woods for live art, loud music and weird performance. We have gathered together a collection of brilliant artists and beautiful losers to create a programme that is all about relationships.

Here you will find interactive performances, an intimate blindfolded encounter with a distant city, a late night Robot disco, a punk band made up of you the audience, and a series of first-time artistic collaborations so new we don’t even know what’s going to happen yet.

‘Like being a kid, let loose in a sweet shop... You can gorge on Forest Fringe and never get sick, or tired of the flavours.’ (Glasgow Herald)

Featuring: Action Hero: Robot Disco, F*ck the House Band, FK Alexander: Psychedelic Anti TV Rainbow Fuck Blessing Ritual, Joe Wild and Isolde Godfrey: Therapy Couple, johnsmith: heart of glass, Nigel & Louise: The Eye Test.


14/07/2016 – 17/07/2016

Associated Artists


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