Latitude 2014


An installation that invites you to swallow other people’s words, a disturbing descent into the mind of a serial killer, a durational Sex and the City marathon, an immersive sound bath, a secret one-on-one encounter and a late night game of truth or dare are just a few of the medley of adventures and encounters that we are delighted to be bringing to Latitude Festival as we host our first ever full Forest Fringe line-up for this our fifth year at the festival.

In an small tent hidden away in the Faraway Forest we’ll be hosting over a dozen Forest Fringe artists exploring this year’s festival theme of ‘Secrets and Lies’ in all manner of different ways, from the intimate secrets of sex to the messy space between truth and fiction in autobiographical performance or the use of concealment to create compelling, immersive experiences.

This micro-venue will be open every day throughout the festival, beginning on Thursday evening with a night of true stories hosted by Manchester’s legendary Tales of Whatever, alongside a hidden one-on-one encounter in the woods created especially for Forest Fringe by a secret guest artists. Later in the weekend you’ll be able to experience work by a whole range of other Forest Fringe artists.

Featuring: Abigail Conway, Christopher Brett Bailey, Louise Orwin, Greg Wohead, Foxy and Husk, Verity Standen and Brian Lobel.


17/07/2014 – 20/07/2014

Associated Artists


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