Latitude 2013


Forest Fringe Will Make All Your Dreams Come True is an exercise in participatory cinema. Passers-by are invited to provide us with descriptions of vivid dreams they can remember having. We then take these dreams and turn them into silent movie dream sequences, filmed with a silent super8 camera. Each short film is directed by a different artist and involves performers, props, costumes, smoke machines and other effects supplied by Forest Fringe. The dreamer is also invited to play the role of the protagonist in their own dream.

For Latitude, artists involved in the project included Joseph O’Farrell (JOF), Ira Brand, Lisa Heledd Jones, Charlotte Jarvis and James Read, Richard DeDomenici, Nigel and Louise, Greg McLaren, Caroline Williams and Sophie Nuzel.


18/07/2013 – 21/07/2013

Associated Artists


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