Fusebox, Austin, 2013


In April 2013 Forest Fringe are travelling to Austin, Texas to curate a venue at Fusebox Festival, Austin’s annual contemporary art and performance festival.

Fusebox Festival creates an environment for artists to take risks and explore their creativity both individually and collectively. Following this vision, Forest Fringe will introduce eight UK artists to the festival to give each an opportunity to present work which imagined new ways of storytelling that blur the boundaries between art and life in surprising ways and through various art forms.

Featuring: Action Hero: Watch Me Fall, Andy Field: Motor Vehicle Sundown, Brian Lobel: Carpe Minuta Prima, Bryony Kimmings: Sex Idiot, Deborah Pearson: The Future Show, Dictaphone Group: Nothing to Declare, Kieran Hurley: Hitch, Selina Thompson: Chewing the Fat, Travelling Sounds Library

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17/04/2013 – 28/04/2013

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