Forest Fringe x Melbourne, 2017


The conversation’s going global as the UK’s Forest Fringe comes to Melbourne.

UK-based risk-takers (and risk-chasers) Forest Fringe are on site in Melbourne’s West for the Forest Exchange Lab, a two-week creative residency that explores the relationship between art-makers and the places where they make their art. Forest will be carving out a fringe-away-from-fringe, a space for critical conversation, deep experimentation and the seeding of new work.

Forest Fringe co-directors Andy Field (UK) and Deborah Pearson (UK/CAN) together with Associate Artist Mish Grigor (SYD) will be joined by local artists Shian Law, Stuart Bowden and Zarnie Morcombe. Together these six contemporary artists will first spend a week taking to the streets of Footscray, considering the notion of artist-as-outsider, transgressor, rebel (thorns your side, ghosts in the machine). Then they’ll head back inside, inhabiting The SUBSTATION and Woods Street Arts Space, to consider what kind of change can be affected from within.

There’ll be art-making, mischief-making and some serious deep thinking with two Days of Action (day-long performance creation projects), followed by Afternoon Assemblies (come-one-come-all afternoon showings). Plus a panel discussion at the Wheeler Centre, there’s a chat in Laverton, as well as Forest Fringe co-founder Deborah Pearson’s acclaimed live performance documentary History History History. Phew. We’re knackered just thinking about it.

If you’re seeking some serious Fringe-on-Fringe action this Festival, head West.

Featuring: Andy Field, Deborah Pearson, Mish Grigor, Shian Law, Stuart Bowden, Plastic Loaves (Zarnie Morcombe)

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14/09/2017 – 01/10/2017

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