Travelling Sounds Library


The Travelling Sounds Library was a collaborative project produced by Forest Fringe, which brought together a rich and diverse range of audio works by some of the most exciting artists in the UK into a touring interactive library.

The Library existed as a series of custom made hollowed-out hard back books, each containing an mp3 player, a programme, and a set of foldable headphones. Together these books travelled the country, appearing at galleries, festivals, theatres and found spaces.

The Library toured to a variety of venues and festivals in the UK, including Latitude, Soundwaves Festival, Metal's Village Green, Turning Point Festival at the Roundhouse, and various Forest Fringe microfestivals in London, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Dublin and Austin, Texas.

The Library operated a rolling programme, allowing emerging artists to submit new pieces and showcase their work to a wide audience. It contained twelve audio-works, including sound collages, interviews, stories, poetry and sonic art.

Featuring: Alan Dunn, Blast Theory, Duncan Speakman & Uninvited Guests, Finlay Robertson, Harry Wilson, Iain Campbell, Pat Ashe, Ryan Van Winkle, Sleepdogs, Stan’s Café, Sue Palmer, Tim Bamber, Unclaimed Creatures


Associated Artists


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