Forest Fringe China Tour: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, 2015


In 2015, Forest Fringe were invited to create their largest international project yet – an epic three city tour of China, taking in the cities of Guangzhou in South China, Shanghai in East China and finally, Beijing in the north of the country.

Over four weeks, the same group of artists travelled to each city, some presenting the same work in each place, others creating new work specific to each location. In Guangzhou we worked with the Times Museum, taking over the whole of their vast gallery perched on the top of a 19-storey apartment building on the edge of the city. In Shanghai we worked in an art-deco former slaughterhouse transformed into a cultural hub featuring a gallery, studio theatre and a maze of open passageways zig-zagging across the structure, whilst in Beijing we worked with the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, a prestigious private gallery in the city’s 798 Art Zone.

The artists involved were Abigail Conway, who presented both the installation On The Tip of Your Tongue and her performance workshop Time Lab; Simone Kenyon and Maria Sideri who performed Someone Something Someone, a piece originally choreographed by Simone and her partner Neil Callaghan; Hunt & Darton, who created new versions of the Hunt and Darton café for each location; Richard DeDomenici, who created new reduxes of films shot in each city; Tim Etchells, who created a series of posters presented in each city; and Andy Field, who created a new instruction-based piece for galleries.


Associated Artists


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