Edinburgh 2013


This is an important summer for Forest Fringe. If losing our much-loved home in Edinburgh after the 2011 Festival was the end of our first chapter, then this summer very much represents the beginning of the next as we host a full programme of artists in Edinburgh for the first time in two years in a new space in a completely different part of the city.

In the intervening period we have learnt a great deal about what Forest Fringe does and what it might do in the future. We have reflected on the first five years of Forest Fringe, and we have listened to what people have told us they think are the most important things about what we do; the sense of generosity and experimentation, the kindness and informality and perhaps most importantly the emphasis on community and co-operation.

Alongside this, without the focus on Edinburgh we have had the chance to explore new homes for ourselves elsewhere. Firstly, we’ve begun an ambitious and ongoing international programme bringing the artists and the philosophy of our Edinburgh Festival events to new parts of the world; initially to Lisbon and Dublin and then onwards to Bangkok, Yokohama, Athens and Texas. Secondly, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation we created Paper Stages, a festival caught in the pages of a book, a new version of which will be launching across the UK in the Autumn.

Now we’re returning to Edinburgh to make a new home in the beautiful Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Leith. We’ve created a festival programme that truly reflects that transition that we have been through in the last two years. A festival that is as hopeful and ambitious and expansive as the first incarnation of Forest Fringe whilst also growing and learning as we get older. A festival that can remain grass-roots and artist-led whilst also becoming international in scope; a festival that is still an invaluable space for a community of artists, even as those artists become more successful and established; a festival that resists becoming a comfortable Edinburgh ‘institution’ and instead challenges the homogenization of the festival and encourages audiences to discover a new and unfamiliar part of the city.

Featuring: Abigail Conway, Action Hero, Active Inquiry, Anastasia Kolas, Andy Field, Brian Lobel, Brown Council, Bryony Kimmings, Dan Gorman and Ryan Van Winkle, Deaf and Hearing Ensemble, Deborah Pearson, Dictaphone Group, Ella Good and Nicki Kent, Fevered Sleep, Fuel, Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe, Harry Giles, Harry Wilson, Invisible Flock with Hope & Social, Ira Brand, Jemima Yong, Jo Bannon, Laura Delaney, Make. Do. And Mend., Michael Pinchbeck, More Than Just Enough, Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari, Paper Birds, Peter McMaster, Richard DeDomenici, Rob Daniels (Bootworkds) Rosana Cade, Ross Sutherland, Sam Halmarack & The Miserablites, Scottee, Tim Crouch and Andy Smith, Tom Parkinson, Unfinished Business

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16/08/2013 – 25/08/2013

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