Edinburgh 2010

Illustration by Magda Boreysza



2010 was, unbeknownst to us at the time, our penultimate year at Bristo Hall, and featured an unprecedentedly long and late programme, as a new arrangement with the Forest Café saw Forest Fringe curating a series of late-night parties alongside our regular programme, including Action Hero’s Robot Disco and Brian Lobel’s intimate one-on-one extravaganza Cruising For Art.

We also ran a series of free day-long workshops for anyone that was interested, including a site-specific workshop run by Grid Iron’s Ben Harrison and Geraldine Pilgrim, an audio workshop by Melanie Wilson and Duncan Speakman, and a workshop on intimate performance by Deborah Pearson and the wonderful Adrian Howells.

The main programme featured Kieran Hurley’s solo show Hitch, Tania El Khoury’s hidden one-to-one performance Jarideh Ant Hampton’s auto-teatro work The Bench alongside work by Polar Bear and Dylan Tighe and a collaboration with Arts Admin called Future Editions. In the lobby, Bootwork’s James Baker, climbed a ladder for over six hours a day every day for 30 days to reach the height of space, Richard Dedomenici pitched a tent in the back garden for DeDomegamix, Deborah Pearson took over a video store in Marchmont for Like You Were Before, Duncan Speakman’s subtlemob secretly occupied the grassmarket and Tinned Fingers transformed the main space for The Last Romance Club Ever.


09/08/2010 – 21/08/2010



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