Forest Fringe TV – Part 2 – June

Forest Fringe TV is our new online platform. Every Thursday night at 7.30pm we will present something for you to watch or participate in. It may be a few minutes long. It may be two hours long. It may be a film to watch, or a live digital performance, or something else entirely.

As with the Forest Fringe of old, all events will be free, but with the oppportunity to donate to the artists involved. All donations will go to straight to the artists.

A note on curation: Forest Fringe TV is an unfunded project that we have put together in order to use our profile to draw broader attention to the interesting digital things artists are making, or wanting to make, online.

Whoever you are, whether you’ve worked with us in the past or not, if you have a project you think might fit with Forest Fringe TV then do get in touch. We are happy to talk with you and see if we can help. There is still space in the programme from July onwards and we would love to give a digital platform to as many different artists as possible.


11 JUNE – Two Destination Language – A Journey of Home
Download link for the audio piece will be available from here.

A Journey of a Home is a 20min audio piece about home, migration and the nature of travel. To align with Refugee Week UK (15-21 June) and in the spirit of celebrating migration and the incredible wealth of collaboration and exchange it brings, Two Destination Language invites you to listen to the piece on your daily walk

A webinar conversation will take place on Monday 15th June at 4pm, Kat and Alister from Two Destination Language talk to Forest Fringe’s Ira Brand about home, being away from home and the (im)possibilities of travel during this global pandemic.

Access Info:  A Journey of a Home is BSL interpreted.

18 JUNE – Tim Etchells, Jim Fletcher & Chris Thorpe – We are the King of Ventilators (Delirium Loop)
Watch here

We are the King of Ventilators (Delirium Loop) is a compelling and prescient live streamed performance by Jim Fletcher, directed by Tim Etchells, with text by Chris Thorpe. The work takes a phrase about US ventilator production repeated by US President Donald Trump during the CoronaVirus epidemic, and places it in sharp counterpoint with original material to create a comical and unsettling reflection on power, mortality and delusion. In this second phase of the project Etchells and Fletcher experiment with repetition and music, in the process spinning Thorpe’s text into multiple contradictory versions – sometimes bombastic and rhetorical, sometimes intimate, sometimes unstable and decayed.

Tim Etchells (director) is an artist, director and a writer based in the UK whose work shifts between performance, visual art and fiction. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, notably as the leader of the world-renowned Sheffield-based performance group Forced Entertainment. Tim’s collection of short fiction Endland was published by And Other Stories, 2019.

Jim Fletcher (performer) is a founding member of New York City Players theater company with Richard Maxwell, with whom he has worked for more than twenty years. He is part of Elevator Repair Service’s internationally renowned production of Gatz, created the monologue Sight Is The Sense That Dying People Tend To Lose First with Tim Etchells and is currently performing and making shows with The Wooster Group.

Chris Thorpe (writer) is a writer and performer from Manchester. He also works as a playwright, most recently with the Royal Exchange, Unicorn and Royal Court, for whom he’s currently writing the Methuen Climate Commission. Collaborations include ongoing work with Rachel Chavkin, mala voadora, Third Angel, Yusra Warsama, Hannah Jane Walker, Rachel Bagshaw and Javaad Alipoor.

Post-Production video: Hugo Glendinning.
We are the King of Ventilators is produced by Forced Entertainment.

Commissioned both as part of the ENTER program by the Onassis Foundation and developed for Forest Fringe TV with the support of Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisbon), Cambridge Junction and Colchester Arts Centre.

Access info: Surtitling available in English and Portuguese


JUNE 25 – Harry Robert Wilson – brief as photos

“According to whether we are in the same place or separated from each other, I know you twice. There are two of you.” John Berger

brief as photos is an interactive audio lecture about the changing view from Harry’s kitchen window, addressed to an audience listening at home. Taking inspiration from John Berger’s 1984 book and our faces, my heart, brief as photos the piece considers aspects of intimacy and distance, perception and memory. Recorded specifically for Forest Fringe TV during lockdown, join Harry as he explores how to be together even while we are apart.

Text written and performed by Harry Robert Wilson
Dramaturg: Rachel O’Neill

brief as photos is part of an ongoing project exploring intimate performance and immersive media. The first version of this work was developed in collaboration with Rachel O’Neill and Julie Williamson while Harry was in residence at the National Theatre of Scotland.

Instructions for listening:

brief as photos is best experienced on headphones. You may want to find a comfortable place to sit and listen to the piece. If you are in your home, this may be a quiet spot near a window. If you are outdoors, maybe a bench in the park, or sitting in your garden.

It can be listened to at any time of the day or night between 7.30pm on 25th June and 7.30pm on 2nd July 2020.

The piece lasts 21 minutes.

Please feel free to document your listening space in some way – a photograph, a drawing, a short description (or some other way). You can share this with us by using the hashtag #ForestFringeTV.

Harry Robert Wilson is an artist-academic based in Dundee, Scotland.


Access info: A transcript of the recording is available upon request. Contact

[Image credit: Katherina Radeva]


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