Hello friends,

This summer Forest Fringe will be 10 years old.

I know, we were as surprised as you are, but we checked and it’s actually true. Ten Edinburgh Festivals ago Forest Fringe emerged from out of the dust and optimism and mismatched chairs of the Forest Café’s beautiful former church on Bristo Place as a new home at the festival for a whole range of people who perhaps wouldn’t have had one otherwise. Many festivals, several near-disasters, several actual disasters, hundreds of artists and one voyage into space later we are delighted to still be here and will be celebrating at this summer’s Edinburgh Festival.

This summer we will once again be taking up residence at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall just off Leith Walk for 10 days of live performance, 11th-20th August.

Central to this year’s programme will be revivals of 10 pieces from Forest Fringe’s first decade by a range of artists who have played a crucial part in making it what it is. Alongside this, those 10 artists have helped curate an accompanying programme of new work that reflects in strange and interesting ways on questions of memory, history and re-enactment. The artists involved will include Action Hero, Active Inquiry, Jo Bannon, Ira Brand, Season Butler, Rosana Cade, Dan Canham, Abigail Conway, Richard DeDomenici, Nic Green, Brian Lobel, Daniel Oliver, Paper Cinema, Deborah Pearson, Search Party, Ryan Van Winkle and Greg Wohead.

This year’s festival will also see the launch of a new Forest Fringe book, published by Oberon, an attempt to capture something of Forest Fringe’s 10 years at the festival in paper and ink.

More details of everything that is happening will be announced just as soon as we have figured them out, but for now suffice to say that we are excited, and looking forward to welcoming you to another year of Forest Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival.

Lots of love,

Andy, Deborah and Ira


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