So as I hope you all know by now, we are back at the Edinburgh Festival this year and we are excited about this to the point where often it is physically hurting us. We hope that you are excited too.

We’ll be announcing the line-up of artists we’ve got coming to the festival this year very soon but before we do we wanted to ask you a favour. This favour is especially for you people in living in the great city of Edinburgh, and perhaps also for those people who have a parent or a friend who might live there.

As always we try to make a promise to artists that we will help them make it to Edinburgh by providing them with somewhere to stay and whilst we will be renting a house for a lot of them to stay in, it would also be absolutely brilliant if anyone else was able to help us out by housing an artist whilst they were up in Edinburgh. So…

Do you have room for a Forest Fringe artist to stay with you? On a sofa? In a spare room? For the ten days we’re there (16-25) or even just a few nights? 

If you do we’d love to hear from you AND in return we make this promise to you:

For your generosity and kindness in helping us make Forest Fringe happen we will create, especially for you, a unique, one-off show, to be performed in your home for you and any guests you might want to bring along. 

If you think you can help us out let us know in the comments or email us on andy[at]forestfringe.co.uk.

Thank you very much!


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