So, after the delights of Romcom last week, here are the details of all the artists and events that will be part of the second week of our residency at the Gate. The week has been curated by the brilliant Dickie Beau, and will feature all manner of interesting and unusual artists between now and Saturday.

Tickets are only £12 and you can book them on the Gate Theatre’s website, or by calling 020 7229 0706. And, as always, if you book for two nights together you get them for only £10 for each night.


SH!T Theatre present SH!T Theatre’s JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous)

Sh!t Theatre present; Sh!t Theatre’s JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013 explores the (un)employment situation in the UK today through song, satire, spoken word and physical theatre.

The show is inspired by our own personal unemployment and the political climate surrounding it. The r&d of the show also included workshops with AGLOW (Associaton of Greater London Older Women) and QMUL students, and their experiences of work have also informed the show. Before every performance, we survey audience members on their current employment, ambitions and pay bracket. Parts of the show are then re-written every time in response to this data.

‘a curiously though immensely likeable duo who merge stand-up with physical theatre and biting socio-political satire…wonderfully politically incorrect and insightful, a cracking showcase for Mothersole and Biscuit’s weighty talents’  WhatsOnStage

Sh!t Theatre are: Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit. With backgrounds in performance art, music and long-form improv, we have been writing, performing and signing on together since May 2010. We explore the political, the personal and the downright perverse.



 The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

The Famous
Lauren Barri Holstein is
a dirty slut. We went to high
school together, and I once saw
her killing babies under thE bleachers.
She always thought I hated Her because I
was jealous of her perfect cunt and her
Fame. Now who’s jealous, bitch? I’m married,
pregnant, and a reaL woman, and she’s still A
filthy whore with a big Jewish nose and no
boyfriend. KeeP crying about Your loneliness, you
big-titted disaster. Just because you’re a “Choreographer”
who’s presented at SPILL Festival of Performance, Fierce
Festival, Duckie, Fresh AiR, FEM Fest, Chelsea Theatre, blah blah
blah, doesn’t justify your sluttY shock-value,
too-cool-for-School, shitty “art”.
I’m so bored of writing this.



Foxy and Husk – Foxy Solo

Foxy takes to the stage. Solo.

Milk used to be their favourite tipple to share. Now she drinks alone.

Come and look after Foxy before she does something stupid. In return she will sing and dance for you, desperate to win your love and affection.

Foxy and Husk is a playful performance artist exploring the themes of loneliness and isolation through innovatively merging contemporary disciplines of lip-synch, moving image, cabaret and performance art. She has produced work for the Old Vic Tunnels, the Roundhouse, London Olympics 2012, Buzzcut, Glasgay, Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Bestival and Stoke Newington International Airport.

“Terrific … conjures up the animal in each of us”

★★★★ Scotsman

“Foxy’s own fabulously hybrid appearance is a cleverly sustained portal into topical issues about social, sexual and gender divides”

★★★★ Herald Scotland

Developed at Battersea Arts Centre and The Basement.



Joe Wild – Ah Pook is Here

Many years and various incarnations later, the characters channeled in the unfinished, unpublished book by William Burroughs and Malcolm McNeil stumble blindly to the surface. Sightless and featureless. A faceless, gaping mouth, sat at the centre of an ill-advised control machine.

An American newspaper tycoon becomes embodied in the ancient texts of the Maya in a wild attempt at immortality. Words and images from the past stimulating and attacking the nervous system. Words like a death mask, bringing present the dead and confirming their absence. The map of a destroyed city before the 500 Kiloton blast. Matter conjured and obliterated in the same breath. Ah Pook (the destroyer) is here.

“Look at these poisonous color maps where flesh trees grow from human sacrifice. Listen to these sniggering half heard words of tenderness and doom from lips spotted with decay”

The Book of Ah Pook


Dickie Beau and Tom Marshman

Dickie and Tom will each be presented an eclectic and unusual series of short performance pieces over the course of the evening.

Tom Marshman makes performance. His shows are hand crafted, intimate, naughty, humorous, high brow, low brow, sensory, stomach churning, conversational, sentimental, physically demanding, staged and chance encounters. He uses outrageous costumes and smart suits, eclectic music, sweet things to taste, a poetic voice and brutally honest language. His shows are low camp, moving, hit and run, fragile and memorable. And all made with an overwhelming desire to engage, seduce and entertain.

Unapologetically sentimental, and loveable for it
Tim Atack, Venue Magazine


Dickie Beau, Nando Messias and Helen Noir.

Dickie, Helen and Nando will each be presented an eclectic and unusual series of short performance pieces over the course of the evening.

Nando Messias is originally from Brazil, where he graduated in Dramatic Arts in 2000. Since moving to Britain, he has worked extensively in the East London cabaret scene.  He is a founder member of the Eat Your Heart Out Collective and has been working as a performer and as a movement director for the Theo Adams Company, with whom he has performed in Tokyo, at the ICA in London and in Austria.  In 2009, Nando appeared alongside Vaginal Davis in Bruce La Bruce’s theatrical production of The Bad Breast in Berlin. Nando also recently gained his doctorate’s degree at the Central School of Speech & Drama, where he works as a visiting lecturer.  The main focus of his research has been the intersections between the social and the performance elements of the sissy body, abuse and space.

Helen Noir is a producer, performer and classically trainer singer.

She is a member of the Theo Adams Company and works regularly with groups such as Eat Your Heart Out.  She has performed in the UK, Europe, Japan and the US, including as a resident at Robert Wilson’s highly prestigious  Watermill Center in the Hamptons (with Theo Adams Company). She also DJs in East End dives and at festivals such as Glastonbury.

Her solo work plays with our obsession, in both high and low culture, of presenting misery as entertainment. A connoisseur of the breakdown, on both stage and dancefloor, she is fascinated by the use of music and stagecraft to create those exquisite moments of tension before all hell breaks loose.

As part of Dickie Beau’s residency at the Gate for Forest Fringe, Helen is presenting a short piece from her untitled work-in-progress, which melds operatic vocals, Baroque music and trance with innovative and evocative lighting including a home-built laser effects.



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