One Minute Manifestos – Alex Kelly

Another one minute Manifesto, this time from the always brilliant Alex Kelly of Third Angel:

This is a true story.

Two friends stand admiring something.

I’m not actually sure what they are admiring. I think that it is a building – a Gothic Cathedral, stone arches, buttresses and towers soaring.

But it could be a bridge. I’m picturing Clifton Suspension Bridge, though it could be the Forth Road Bridge.

Perhaps it is a machine, or an engine. I know that one of the friends likes vehicles.

It could equally be a painting, maybe something by Pollock, or Picasso’s Guernica or anything by Paula Rego. Or a sculpture – perhaps the figures on Crosby beach.

Let’s say that it is a building. And they are admiring it.

The first friend says, “It’s amazing, isn’t it, to think that this was built by ordinary people.”

“Yes, but,” says the second friend, “everything is done by ordinary people.”

On the subject of Alex, there are now some beautiful images of Third Angel’s What I Heard About the World 12 hour durational piece from the final Saturday of Forest Fringe up on the Third Angel flickr page here. It was a quite incredible project and we’re delighted to have been able to be involved in it.


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