More Nice Things…

Couple more lovely mentions from les journaux. First up in the print edition of the Guardian we (or rather the delightful Paper Cinema) featured in their theatre recommendations for the festival:

The Night Flyer
A disarming mix of puppetry, animation and live music, this show is by Paper Cinema, resident company at Forest Fringe – a venue that allows artists to take risks, and audiences to pay what they can. Should revolutionise the Fringe.

And then we also got a mention in Dominic Cavendish’s invaluable guide to Edinburgh on a budget:

There’s also a fabulously altruistic project called Forest Fringe (3 Bristo Place) which invites audiences to sample a range of experimental theatre on a pay-what-you-can basis from Aug 5-18.

Thank you kindly to those people. I’m quite taken by the idea of fabulous altruism, conjuring the frankly perfect image of a rabbit in Gucci sashes and tiny Prada sunglasses thumping on the roof of a rapidly collapsing warren to warn its comrades of the impending danger. It’s been a long weekend…


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