Out of the Blue Drill Hall
11 – 20 August


Forest Fringe began in 2007, the same year as the iphone and the global financial crisis. This could be coincidence, or it could be something much more sinister.


This is our 10th summer at the Edinburgh festival. We have seen venues come and go. We have seen our own venue come and go. We have seen the festival itself change in tangible and intangible ways. We have all grown older. We have persisted. Forgive us our indulgence if we take a moment to celebrate our persistence.


In 10 festivals we have never charged anyone to come and see a show. We have never charged an artist to perform with us. Forest Fringe has continued to be built on little more than generosity and a shared belief in the value of being here. After 10 years, some might call this a miracle. Some might call it a flawed business model.


This year’s programme is different to previous years’ programmes. This is a programme about looking back. It is a festival or reflection. It is 10 days in which we will take some time to think both about our own history and about history itself.


One part involves revivals of shows you might remember or have heard about from earlier years of Forest Fringe by Abigail Conway, Action Hero, Brian Lobel, Dan Canham, Jo Bannon, Paper Cinema, Rosana Cade, Ryan Van Winkle and Search Party.


The second part is work that is new to Forest Fringe, co-curated with the artists mentioned above, all of which is in some way interested in the idea of looking back. It involves re-enactments, reduxes and re-appropriations, a rock star from the 1980s, a documentary from the 1970s and a revolution from the 1950s.


All of it is great. All of it.


As we have been putting this programme together, our country has done its best to tear itself apart. Things feel pretty desperate. We hope to respond to this uncertainty with hope and compassion. With simple moments of gathering and solidarity. Forest Fringe has always aspired to be such a moment. We hope it might be one again.


We look forward to welcoming you back to the Out of the Blue Drill Hall for another year.